We help Empty Home Owners

Recent figures show that in England there are over 200,000 long-term vacant houses across the country, so you are not alone.

Although your empty property may not be causing you any problems, it can cause issues for the neighbourhood in which it is situated. Sometimes, the property is just an eyesore for local residents, but often the property can affect the local area by attracting squatters and various other criminal activities including vandalism, arson and fly-tipping.


How we can help?

At Grafton, we offer a service that will turn your empty house into a home again, whatever your situation and budget. This service includes:

A tailored solution

Budget friendly options

A hassle free experience

Our solutions

Title resolution

Probate resolution

Legal advice

Property sale


Leaseback scheme

Leaseback scheme

Many houses are unoccupied simply because the owner doesn’t have the time or funds to take on the property. The Leaseback Scheme solves this problem. 

How does it work?

If you have a list of properties in your local area that are unused, we can contact the owner for you and offer them a lease back scheme depending on their situation. If agreed, the local council has the authority to refurbish the house working with housing associations, and rent the property out for a period of 5-10 years. During this time, the property can be used for temporary or affordable housing and the owner will get a share of the rent. At the end of the term, the owner can either lengthen the term or get the property back to rent or sell on. 

How does this benefit the community?

This benefits the community by getting unused properties back in use to provide temporary or affordable housing. It also brings in extra income for the local authorities which can in return benefit the community.


We Help Local Authorities

Do you work for a local authority? Do you have a long list of empty properties in your area? We’re here to help. We can trace the owner of each property, find out why the property is not in use, and provide them with a solution to give the property a new lease of life.


We Help Local Residents

Are you a local resident that lives near an eyesore of a property that’s decaying in front of your eyes? We can help. We will find the property owner and get the empty property back in working condition, giving you new neighbours in no time.

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