Who are we?

We are Grafton Empty Homes, the UK’s Empty Property and Derelict Land Solutions Company looking to make homes out of empty buildings.

We are a Local Authorities Partner and an independent company that work side by side with both local authorities and local residents, offering a free property and genealogy research service and empty homes solutions.

Twelve years ago, the company was founded to solely deal with empty homes within the UK. As the only company specialising in this service, we have become the UK’s expert Empty Property Solutions and Derelict Land Company.

Combining a blend of research and property experience that spans over 25 years, we have a team of both experienced and trained researchers. This includes some team members that are representatives of the local authority themselves.

We also have a long time association with legal advisors with particular experience in housing. This gives us the full range of expertise to help local authorities, local residents and empty home owners make use of the empty properties in their area.


Finding the owner of an empty house

Grafton UK Ltd has specialist experience in locating the owners of derelict, vacant and squatted properties. We have a high success rate in working with individuals, aggrieved neighbours, developers, leaseholders, solicitors and other property professionals to track down missing freeholders or beneficial descendants of properties.

Our successes

Since forming in 2005, we have successfully found solutions to over 800 cases throughout the UK. By locating the next of kin, creating clean titles, removing squatters and overthrowing illegal attempts to control properties, our legal experts have been able to create valuable and rewarding outcomes for our clients.

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